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Apr 19, 2005 7:57 pm

Gun Self-Defense Blog

I recently discovered Clayton Cramer and Pete Drum's "Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog," on which they catalog news stories about defensive gun use around the country. It's full of fun little stories like this one:

Man Fights Back Against Would-Be Robber

A Montgomery man fights back against a would-be robber... and wins.

Police say a deacon from Mount Olive Bapist went to the Normandale Compass Bank to deposit the church's offerings when a man approached him. The man then allegedly knocked the deacon down, took the money and started running away.

The suspect, however, was in for a surprise. The deacon was carrying more than a money bag to the bank... he was carrying a loaded gun. He began firing at the suspect, who slipped, fell to the ground and dropped the cash. When the robber went to retrieve the bag, the deacon threatened to shoot him if he touched it.

The suspect ran away.

I found this one a little unsettling, though:

Police Look for Victim Turned Shooter in Northeast

A would-be carjacking victim in Maryland turned the tables on his alleged attackers by pulling out a gun and shooting them.

The driver shot one teenager in the stomach, and had a bullet graze the face of the other.

Police in Prince George's County believe the carjacking attempt and shooting took place on Route 450. They believe the teens then drove to a Northeast D.C. housing project, where they claimed to have been shot during a robbery.

But investigators soon learned the truth.

Police spokesman Corporal Joe Merkel says both suspects are believed to be 16. A lot less is known about the shooter.

Among the things they want to know is exactly what happened -- and whether the gun is legal.

It seems to me that P.G. County cops--who until recently had the the among the worst records for police brutality and unjustified shootings in the U.S.--have better things to do than pursue a citizen who from all appearances, used a gun justifiably in self-defense.

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John C. Smith - 8/13/2005

That sounds good that cops become to be more tolerant towards self-defenders.