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Aug 14, 2009 3:37 pm

Obama Loves Big Pharma

The Democratic Party and the left in general want people to believe that they are for the poor and middle class, protecting them from the greed of big corporations. Well, apparently someone forgot to tell Barak Obama because as Greg Palast informs us his administration has been holding secret meetings with pharmaceutical company lobbyists that have resulted in policy proposals that do not reflect the tough stance Obama took against these giant corporations during his campaign.

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Anthony Gregory - 8/18/2009

It's not purely a shakedown. It's also collusion. The drug companies are taking out advertising on behalf of Obamacare. The top capitalists, as usual, are the greatest enemies of the free market.;ref=todayspaper

Keith Halderman - 8/17/2009

I agree all kinds of stories lately about how Obama may be willing to drop the public option in order to get their reforms ie. rip offs through Congress.

C.J. Maloney - 8/15/2009

That's because it's all a shakedown, partly of the companies themselves, but mostly of the consumers.