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Feb 18, 2011 1:41 pm

A Little Help with a Photo

The picture below was taken in the summer of 1986 at IHS. It was the group of us who were there as grad students that summer along with IHS staff. Some help identifying everyone would be great! I'll have an even larger picture from 1987 coming down the road.

Top row: Steve Horwitz, t1, t2, t3, Dave Prychitko, Pete Boettke

Middle row: m1, Ralph Raico, Leonard Liggio, Walter Grinder, Emilio Pacheco

Bottom row: b1, b2, b3

If you can fill in the blanks, please put the info in the comments by putting name to the identifying space (e.g:"t1 = Adam Smith"). Thanks! (I've cross-posted this to The Austrian Economists as well.)

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Sheldon Richman - 8/17/2009

Yes! I liked them. Haven't heard from them since.

David T. Beito - 8/15/2009

The couple at the bottom are Martha Vail (sp?) (a history student) and David Boonin (a philosophy grad student). They later married and (I believe) hypenated both their names as Vail-Boonin.

David M. Hart - 8/14/2009

m1 is definitely Hannes Gissurarson

Mark Brady - 8/13/2009

The guy at t1 is Esteban Thompson.

Sheldon Richman - 8/13/2009

t1: Esteban (Steve) Thomsen
m1: Hannes Gissurarson
b1: John Majewski
b 2 and 3 Arg! I can't remember their names. They were a couple, I believe.

This really brings back memories. I was at IHS then. What a great summer that way.