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Apr 10, 2005 7:54 pm

JARS Fell on Alabama

Bettina Bien Greaves has a review of the latest issue of the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (a symposium issue on Rand and the Austrians which includes contributions by L&P-er Steve Horwitz as well as your humble correspondent) on the Mises Institute site.

1. Can you believe I'm posting this before Chris did? He's getting slow .... :-)

2. Looks like Greaves has already received her copy. How come I haven't gotten my copy? >:-(

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Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 4/11/2005

Oh, Bettina got a PDF before ALL of you because she is special. :)

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 4/11/2005

I just posted about this on my own notablog... clearly, I AM getting slow.

Anyway, there is LOGIC to this scheme. Campbell got more copies because he was one of three major co-editors on the project. Horwitz got the obligatory two copies per contributor.

Long didn't get any because he's getting too good at stealing potential JARS contributors to review books for the JOURNAL OF LIBERTARIAN STUDIES before I have had a chance to ask these potential contributors. So he's being punished.


Seriously, if you don't get the issues, let me know and I'll see if I can persuade somebody in Port Townsend to check into this.

Roderick T. Long - 4/11/2005

Okay, my 3 copies just arrived. The commies are forgiven.

Roderick T. Long - 4/10/2005

It can't be a commie plot, they're not distributing JARS issues in accordance with "to each according to his need."

On the other hand, the Peikoffians always did claim that JARS was run by Marxists, maybe they were right!

Robert L. Campbell - 4/10/2005

Meanwhile, they sent me five, four of which arrived the same day...

Robert Campbell

Steven Horwitz - 4/10/2005

I got my issue. Two as a matter of fact. ;)

Maybe I got yours!