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Apr 8, 2005 5:48 pm

Grand Valley State University Disgrace (Developing)

King Banaian over at SCSU Scholars has a hard-hitting piece this morning on Paul Leidig (pictured in the middle above) which picks up on my post and that of Charles Nuckolls.

Leidig is the faculty advisor to the College Republicans at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and also the chair of the Ottawa County GOP. Rather than defend the right of the College Republicans to have an affirmative action bake sale, Leidig immediately caved in and helped remove, Kyle Rausch, the head of the chapter who had supported the sale.

Here is what King said:

In a bizarre turn of the series of stories we've seen on"affirmative action bake sales", David Beito reports that this one takes the cake. A faculty advisor decides to go Quisling against his advisees, the Grand Valley State University College Republicans. The students who tried to organize the bake sale were dismissed from their posts in the CRs, and have been sent to Turkey to join Trotsky. The putschists say"There was outside advice, but the group made the decision on its own," and that the group wants to"apologize for offending and move on."
Here is more on the story:
The group's faculty advisor, Professor Paul Leidig, happens to also be the chair of the county Republican Party. And the deposed student leader of the CRs, Kyle Rausch, clearly fingers him as the guilty party. Leidig said he advised the students to consider a leadership change to acknowledge they respect the fact people were offended by the bake sale.
King suggests that we write in protest not only to Leidig but to the Republican leadership in Michigan.

UPDATE: Good news. FIRE is mobilizing.

SECOND UPDATE: Peter Gordon has now blogged on this.

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