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Apr 7, 2005 8:42 pm

Ignominy and Disgrace at Grand Valley State

Dear Professor Leidig,

I have read of your action supporting the removal of the president of the campus young Republicans. His only"offense" as I understand it, was to defend his right to free speech -- a value one would think you would support.

Instead, you caved in to those who lead the fight against freedom of speech under the guise of protecting people from"being offended." I can assure you that as the sponsor of a student organization myself, I would have acted in entirely the opposite way. You bring no credit on yourself or the Republican Party when you sacrifice basic principles to political convenience.

You owe the offended student an immediate (and public) apology, which should be tendered with your own letter of resignation as faculty sponsor of the Young Republicans.


Charles W. Nuckolls, Ph.D. Professor Department of Anthropolgy Brigham Young University

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