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Aug 8, 2005 1:03 pm

Politician Stupid Remarks Contest, First Entry

Not that a contest for dumb comments by politicians wouldn't bring in a lot of good entries, but Rep. Ed Markey D-Mass jumps out in the lead in this analysis of talk of extending Daylight Savings Time a month in each direction as part of an energy bill:

"The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use," said Markey

I'm very curious to hear how the two-month extension of DST will actually create MORE daylight.  Congress indeed has many powers, but altering the rotation of the earth or its angle to the sun are not, last I checked, among them.  Markey has clearly never heard the joke about daylight savings being akin to cutting six inches off the end of a blanket and sewing it on the other end in order to make it longer.

And, yes, I know what he meant was something like "more light at times of the day when more people are up and about."  Even so, what this extension of DST would mean for me here in the North Country is November sunrises at around 815am, and sunrises as late as 900am in western parts of the Eastern Time zone. No thanks.

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Max Swing - 4/8/2005

Omg, I fear a plot here :) That'd leave us to the dark side. May be we should then start to built the world largest windmill in Europe and speed up the Earth rotation again :P

But nevermind, if politicians are silly, we shouldn't we also get silly sometimes.. ;)

Jason Kuznicki - 4/7/2005

I propose that we make the earth stop revolving, with North America in perpetual sunlight.

That'll show them Ay-rabs.

Brian Radzinsky - 4/7/2005

Congress has to protect us from Terrorism and Assorted Sundry Evils, even if it's by that extremist organization Al-Darqnes. We must spare no cost or surrender to any foe...

Oh and didn't you know, there's an *Elastic Clause*! Congress can do whatever it wants!!!