Aug 11, 2009 4:45 pm


In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton remarked that the world is too complex for one person to monitor adequately, hence she appointed a series of individual who would focus on a particular problem. I hope amongst them is a person charged with monitoring one of the most important and complex bilateral relationship of the new century, that of the two developing nuclear behemoth called India and China. The two have border issues which erupted into war in 1962 and which they are in the middle of discussing at the moment.

I find even the titles, not to mention the articles published in the two countries, most thought provoking:

Negotiating with China by Bhartendu Kumar Singh

'Dim' hope for border progress, say experts by Wang Linyan

China Should break up the Indian Union, suggests a Chinese Strategist by D.S.Rajan

India-China Trust Deficit by B.Raman,

India is no match for China, says Navy chief by Rahul Singh.

The question of the 21st century is: Can an armed conflict between these two emerging superpowers be avoided? History does not favor optimists. The declining US power necessarily decreases their number.

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