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Apr 1, 2005 3:44 pm

Economics in One Lesson Now Online!

Big news! Henry Hazlitt's classic, Economics in One Lesson, is now online, compliments of the Foundation for Economic Education. This is truly one of the great books on economics for lay readers. See the pdf file here.

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Dima Martirosyan - 4/1/2005

Jude, thank you, and everyone who may have helped you, very much for putting a lot of time and effort into getting this wonderful classic book online! The job you did is admirable and deserves nothing but praise - now it's accessible to anyone, those who have been wanting to read it but couldn't for some reason, and those who may just accidentally find it online and get interested in the freedom philosophy.

I looked at the PDF document and, if not perfect, it's pretty damn close to it! Thank you again for helping spead the these ideas.

Jude D Blanchette - 4/1/2005

As one of the individuals who scanned, cropped, and posted the book, let me apologize for its shortcomings. That being said, it was my feeling that it would be better to have Economics in One Lesson online, albeit in a less-than-perfect format, than to deny the world free access to this wonderful book.

Mike Linksvayer - 4/1/2005

... but it's a non-OCR scan with grainy text. Can't copy, can't search, painful to read.