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Mar 29, 2005 1:32 pm

Which Way for Liberty?

Lew Rockwell has written a thoughtful column and it’s posted here today.

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Kenneth R Gregg - 3/30/2005

Mark and Bill,

And I would hope that Lew does become more consistent. I think that he has much to say. Perhaps this is a good reminder to him. He has done a lot of good, and I should think that he will do more in the future.

Just Ken

William Marina - 3/29/2005

Why doesn't Rockwell explicitly name the leading libertarian think tank that he accuses of cooperating with the State?
As I have noted here at the blog, he seems less than consistent in continuing to support the Israeli militarist Martin Van Crevald and William Lind, whose goal is to develop a new Marine handbook of Imperial intervention which LRC promises to put online.
Granted that for tactical reasons MVC and Lind are not keen on the Iraq caper, but then that is also true of some Neocons these days.
I might find Rockwell credible if he were a bit more consistent himself,