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Mar 28, 2005 9:42 am

This just in...

Like a good pagan egoist, I made a much bigger deal out of yesterday being my birthday than I did about the resurrection. Anyway, Easter is supposed to come _after_ Passover.

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Steven Horwitz - 3/29/2005

Indeed. Happy happy.

Chris Matthew Sciabarra - 3/29/2005

Hey, Aeon! HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Happy birthday, pal!

Many more!!!!

Aeon J. Skoble - 3/29/2005

Yes, I share your religion - indeed, you're my bagwhan. I keep meaning to link to your personal savior page from my own.

Roderick T. Long - 3/28/2005

I like to think of myself as Greek Orthodox.

Aeon J. Skoble - 3/28/2005

Thanks - I'm shooting for 113, actually.

Max Swing - 3/28/2005

Happy birthday, Aeon. I think this is a much more enjoyable event than the "supposed ressurection" of some guy :)

I hope you will live, at least, triple the time of this wandering preacher ;)

Aeon J. Skoble - 3/28/2005

Thanks, Roderick!
I followed the links you mention by the way, and as far as whipping bunnies is concerned, that guy ought to be flogged himself!

Aeon J. Skoble - 3/28/2005

Yes, that's it.

Gary McGath - 3/28/2005

Obviously you're an Eastern Orthodox Pagan Egoist.

Roderick T. Long - 3/28/2005

Happy Birthday, Aeon!

On the subject of Easter, see yesterday's blog post.