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Aug 6, 2009 12:28 pm


Report: Iran plane was carrying arms for Hezbollah

Italian newspaper says plane crash north of Tehran which left 168 people dead was caused by explosion of fuses slated to be delivered to Lebanese organization. According to report, members of Revolutionary Guards among casualties

Short Wave Radio vs the Iranian Mullahs and their Nuclear Bomb

Executions continue in Balochistan, Iran:

In a desperate attempt to crush demonstrations in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to hang three more Baloch political activists who are charged of the imaginary allegations of corrupting the earth and fighting God, a mysterious allegation that can be interpreted according to the desires of the Islamic judges of Iran to include everybody who seeks any kind of justice, fairness and freedom.

Show trials start in Iran

"The Iranian government has tightened the screws on its opponents by staging what moderate former President Mohammad Khatami called a “show trial.” 100 reformists, including senior officials, stand accused of trying to instigate a so called “velvet revolution”. Many of the defendants had spent weeks in jail without access to lawyers.


The detainees admitted that they were absolutely certain that there was no election fraud but insisted that there had been vote-rigging in order to create doubts about the validity of the election. . . .

Mostafar Tajzadeh, a former deputy interior minister during the Khatami administration, said he was totally convinced that Mir-Hossein Mousavi had lost the election in the provinces.

“After the results were announced, nobody heard me saying that there was (election) fraud,” Tajzadeh said.

Behzad Nabavi also confessed that there is no documentation proving that the election was rigged. “We had no document proving fraud and we should accept to the ruling of the Guardian Council,” he added.

Abdollah Ramazanzadeh, the government spokesman during the Khatami administration, also said that vote- rigging is “impossible” in Iran.

“I have always said… (vote) fraud is impossible in Iran,” Ramazanzadeh, the deputy secretary general of the IIPP, stated. He also said other members of the IIPP are of the opinion that there is no possibility of election fraud in the Iranian system.

Former lawmaker Mohsen Farahani, a leading member of the IIPP, said, “It cannot be accepted under any circumstances that there was vote-rigging in the election.”

Even if it is assumed that there had been vote-rigging, it could be “one million or two million” and not 11 million, he added.

New Protests Slogans:

"independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic"

Where is Iran's 18.5 Billion Dollars cash?
In Turkey , in Turkey
Who stole this money!!
Khamenei, Khamenei, Khamenei, Khamenei.

"Death to Russia!"
"Death to China!"

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