Aug 3, 2009 11:54 am


Lori Lowenthal Marcus could not have written anything more reflective of my sentiments than Z Street especially after having read arrogant Tom Friedman's latest apologia for Obama and his court Jews (he personally vouches for them!). The only thing that made me happy was his report that there was a dust up between the Jewish leadership and Obama's Jewish enablers. She writes:

There is a chilling scene in the 2002 movie"The Pianist." In it the train was already chugging along on the path to insanity and destruction, but before all was destroyed. The family of the protagonist has been moved into the Warsaw Ghetto and the head of the family is sitting at a table, reading a newspaper. He looks up and says,"I blame the American Jews."

He was talking to me.

At least, that's how I heard it. I resolved then not to be our time's analog of a World War II American Jew -- you know, the ones who read the newspapers, see what is happening to Israel, mutter"tsk, tsk" and turn the page.

Others have had similar epiphanies, but the light from our bulbs going off is obscured by the clouds of appeasement and apologies, dressed up as tolerance and even-handedness. For several years we have agonized over the gathering storm of hostility towards Israel, and the organizational human shields which eagerly validate those positions. Finally we decided that action - an immediate, decisive, in-your-face facts war, was imperative. Allyson Rowen Taylor and I spent a few hours on the phone and created Z (Zionist) Street.

Z STREET is based on these ironclad positions:

*The right of the Jewish people to a state, and the right of Jews to live freely anywhere, including inhaling oxygen in areas the world insists are reserved for Arab Palestinians;

*Relishing the terms"Jewish State" and"Zionism" - ones currently derided as shameful instead of sources of pride;

*Circulation of facts -- not deceptive"Palestinian" narratives -- about the Middle East, Israel and terrorism;

*Condemnation of those who revile Israel for actions they ignore when taken by Israel's enemies and virtually all states throughout history;

*Categorical rejection of agreements with, or concessions to, terrorists (or their supporters) who are dedicated to Israel's destruction.

Read the rest and then click here to join. I did.

I suspect (hope) many well informed Jews who were foolish enough to vote for Obama are going to go to the synagogue during the high holidays and ask for forgiveness. As Jewish tradition emphasizes action, standing up for Israel during these dangerous moments should help the honest ones to begin to forgive themselves.

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