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Mar 19, 2005 9:35 am

What a Depressing Few Days

If anyone ever imagined that the current GOP was anti-government, one look at the crucifixion of Mark McGwire (as if he were a child-molesting crack user) and the entire freakin' Congress called into action to intervene in a state court issue in the Schiavo case, ought to disabuse them of that dream. How people who prattle on (two cents to Rand) about overreaching government and the virtues of federalism can look themselves in the mirror after bringing the full power of the state to bear on the use of legal medications and a family dispute over one woman's life is just unfathomable.

The apocalyptic tone of Kathryn Lopez in NRO's The Corner, and their near total focus on the Schiavo case, is like watching a car wreck. I think I'll go read something by Ward Churchill to cheer myself up.

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Sheldon Richman - 3/19/2005

Okay. I was thinking of steroids.

Steven Horwitz - 3/19/2005

Creatine, which is what McGwire supposedly used, is, I believe, legal. Or at least was when he used it.

Sheldon Richman - 3/19/2005

Point of information: Aren't the steroids allegedly used by baseball players in fact illegal? According to a Reason article a few years ago, they are on the controlled-substance list. Not that they should be, but I want to get the facts straight.

Steven Horwitz - 3/19/2005

oops, sorry about the bad tag. Link still works though.

Steven Horwitz - 3/19/2005

Just to back up your worst fears, from the <a hrf=",1,6639786.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&;ctrack=1&cset=true">Chicago Tribune</a> (registration required):

Marc Spindelman, a visiting professor of law at Georgetown University who specializes in bioethics, said the message sent by the subpoenas is chilling.

"What's next? If Congress doesn't like it, are they going to subpoena individual women to testify before Congress in order to keep them from exercising their rights to an abortion?" he said. "What about individuals who want to terminate a respirator? Is Congress going to bring them in and start asking them questions? Who couldn't be dissuaded from exercising their constitutional rights in certain ways in the face of a federal subpoena? The spectacle of this--it's unbelievable."

John Arthur Shaffer - 3/19/2005

Mob rule is coming quicker than I imagined. Reason is suspended, fundamentalism is cool and the judiciary, the last stand against against such tyranny, is under attack. The Democrats, loathsome creatures that they are, are apparently going to sit back and watch this slide into fascism.