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Mar 17, 2005 6:56 am

Some Profane Things You Should Know ...

History Carnival #4 is up at Blogenspiel and its host, Another Damned Medievalist, has done a terrific job with it.

As Caleb McDaniel noted earlier, the distinguished Sepoy was featured on CNN's"Judy Woodruff's ‘Inside Politics'." A rushed transcript cites him at"Chapotty Mystery." I've spoken with Sepoy about his potty talk and he promises more of it.

At Early Modern Notes, there's some discussion about whether the proper term is"tidbits" or"tit bits." I'm fond of both, actually, but this is a case for John Holbo and Belle Waring.

The discussion that ought to have happened with Michael Berube actually did occur at his blog. Scroll past the crap to Comment #58 and read through #66.

Finally, I have only one thing to say about this. Dook Rules!*
*This is true, despite the fact that its history department hires no Republicans and I am therefore ineligible for any vacancy there. Have I been recruited for its basketball team? No.

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