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Mar 3, 2005 2:38 pm

Noted Here and There ...

Yesterday, I lamented David Horowitz's failure to include the Cliopatriarchs in his Network of Evil Design. Later, I learned that two of our colleagues, Oscar Chamberlain and Mark Grimsley, a Cliopatria regular, Sherman Dorn, and an HNN contributor, Ron Briley, are now singled out for attention at Horowitz's Front Page Rag. I'm jealous. But Horowitz should not mess with the Cliopatriarchs. We will trap him in his own Network. It goes this way: Chamberlain and Grimsley are Cliopatriarchs who"defend" the evil Ward Churchill. KC Johnson is also a Cliopatriarch. He has (shudder!) published at Front Page Rag. What is that? Two or three steps to treason, David! Network!

There are more shocking facts about the lack of intellectual diversity at Stanford University. Thanks to Belle Waring for the tip.

Sepoy at Chapati Mystery offers"10 Habits for a Hightly Successful Job Talk." Words to and from the wise.

The Lionel Gelber Prize for the"world's best book on foreign policy" has been won by the Washington Post's Steve Coll for Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001.

The New York Public Library's Digital Library is now on-line and searchable. It's a collection of 275,000 prints, maps, photographs, posters, sheet music covers, dust jacket covers, menus, and other texts. The New York Times's Sarah Boxer gives the site a mixed review. It's better than a card catalogue, but not altogether user-friendly, she says.

It's Carnival season at Cliopatria. The Early Modernists' Carnivalesque #4 is up at Philobiblion and several of us appreciate the broad definition of"early modern." Go have a look and enjoy it. The Carnival of Bad History, #1 is still up at archy. Someone slyly suggested that he doubted that it had exhausted the possibilities. It's a field ripe unto harvest. And, the Carnival of Education, Week 4, is up at the Education Wonks.

Finally, I want to mention two reviews that you may have missed:
In Sunday's New York Times, Michael Kazin had an excellent review of Ted Widmer and Arthur Schlesinger's new biography, Martin Van Buren, the"Rodney Dangerfield of presidents." I keep wanting to steal some of Kazin's language for Cliopatria, but go read Kazin, himself. Thanks to Andrew Ackerman for the pointer.

Adam Gopnik's"Voltaire's Garden" reviews Ian Davidson's new book, Voltaire in Exile for the New Yorker. The focus is on the last part of Voltaire's life, when he becomes a leading spokesman for human rights.

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Mark Grimsley - 3/14/2005

Rats - my html for the link to "just war doctrine" didn't take, so I merely append this link:

Sorry, I'm running late for my "How to Indoctrinate Undergraduates" breakfast talk. Bra ha ha ha ha! (or however you transcribe the sound of diabolical laughter).

Mark Grimsley - 3/14/2005

Broadly speaking, war is not the answer to solving issues that prove difficult to solve within the ordinary workings of politics, whether in the domestic or international contexts, no more than human slavery is the answer to labor issues that prove difficult to solve within the ordinary workings of the economy. Or at least, so I deduce after reading the New Testament, and others deduce from reading or studying the equivalent documents and teachings of their own faiths (I myself am an evangelical Christian).

In the context of present-day American politics, that translates to me as meaning that adherence to just war doctrine is a moral imperative. I think the United States has done a reasonably good job of adhering the jus in bello (law concerning the proper conduct of war). I question how satisfactorily the Bush Doctrine squares with the jus ad bellum (law concerning resort to war).

david horowitz - 3/13/2005

When you say "War is not the answer" what's the question?

Sherman Jay Dorn - 3/3/2005

Just wait till you see our hot-'n'-heavy correspondence.

Jonathan Rees - 3/3/2005

...I'd just like to say that I supported John Kerry in the last presidential election, I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads "War Is Not The Answer," I support the right of SpongeBob SquarePants to find love with whomever he wants (assuming it's a mutually consensual relationship) and I don't think Ward Churchill is hurting anybody.

May I be on your network too?

Jonathan Rees [No "e" on the end]
Associate Professor of History
Colorado State University - Pueblo [Not Fort Collins, Pueblo. It's a branch campus]

Jasper P. Johns - 3/3/2005

I applaud David Horowitz for taking on the Affirmative Action con artists.

The exposure of Ward Churchill as an academic fraud, fake Indian, art thief and proponent of terrorist violence is a public service.

Many members of academia, including many members of this board obtained their academic degrees through precisely the sort of fraud, posturing and radical chic idiocy so aptly demonstrated by Churchill.

The history profession is, indeed, probably the worst.

Calling this McCarthyism is just another con job. It's about incompetence and fraud. Read this site for a while and you'll get a good dose of this academic fraud. Most of this site is the ravings of frauds.

It's been a fun ride for the frauds. Understandably, you're pretty upset about the joy ride ending. Welcome to the real world. One day, you might actually have to do an honest job for a day's pay.

Jasper P. Johns - 3/3/2005

Actually, I was referring specifically to you, Mr. Luker.

I read one of your utterances recently, in which you used the word "heteronormative."

Up to that point, I thought you had a functioning intellect. I realized, when I read that piece of tripe, that I was wrong.

We know now how you have managed an academic career, don't we? Just about the same way Ward Churchill did.

Save the threats for somebody who's impressed by them. If you want to step out in the courtyard, I'm ready.

Jasper P. Johns - 3/3/2005

Let's be specific about who is really a racist.

It's you, Ralph. You are a gutless racist. Derek is both a racist and a thug.

Academia is a shithole these days. Well, that's the humanities, in particular, history departments.

I graduated from a great university with a technical degree. Unlike you, I am capable of thought.

Want to step outside? Hell, I'd travel all the way down there for the pleasure.

What a shit you are.

Jasper P. Johns - 3/3/2005

Go on boys.

You know where I am.

Jasper P. Johns - 3/3/2005

I'm there.

Here's the text of the message I sent to the Ethnic Studies Dept. at the University of Colorado:

Jeez, I gradjuated from high school and I got all my teeth.

I like that guy, Weird Churchill. He got sum really good ideers.

I cud dress up like a Injun, too.

Cud I have one a them thar teachin jobs ya got?

See you in Atlanta. Hell, I was just there a week ago. Should have called you then.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/3/2005

I think that's right, KC. He is mocking a position you and I have taken. It's well done mockery, tho, don't you think? I cited it because it's an example of skilled work by a dialogical opponent.

Robert KC Johnson - 3/3/2005

While it's a spoof, I also think it's seriously intended. Obviously he's not (unlike the Duke chair) actually comparing "conservatives" to his selected criteria, but the general intent is to minimize the problem.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/3/2005

My courtyard is in Atlanta, Professor Stephens, and I am waiting for you. "Gutless turd" is what Catsam said you were, isn't it?

Ralph E. Luker - 3/3/2005

Well put, Oscar. Mr. "Jasper P.Johns" has made several deposits this morning over at Rebunk, where he essentially admits to being Stephen Thomas who has been banned from HNN and who Derek rightly calls a "gutless turd." He is a troll. Unfortunately, he promises to return under a different pseudonym and from a different IP address. HNN will at least make him work for this living.

Oscar Chamberlain - 3/3/2005

Mr. Johns

Below is a list of cliopatria's members.

Now all you have to do is put your evidence for fraud by the appropriate person's name.

Put up
or slink off as a liar

Those are your three options

Manan Ahmed;
Timothy Burke;
Miriam Elizabeth Burstein;
Oscar Chamberlain;
Jonathan Dresner;
Hala Fattah;
Mark Grimsley;
Sharon Howard;
Robert KC Johnson;
Ralph E. Luker;
Rob MacDougall;
Caleb McDaniel;
Jonathan T. Reynolds;
Nathanael D. Robinson;
Greg James Robinson;
Hugo Schwyzer;
Jeff Vanke

Ralph E. Luker - 3/3/2005

KC, As you know, I've agreed with you many times about intellectual diversity in the academy. The Swartz piece is a spoof, not seriously intended. We should enjoy it in the spirit in which it is intended.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/3/2005

Mr. Johns, It is put up or shut up time for your accusations of fraud in paragraph #3 or is it just another example of "the ravings of frauds" that you charge in your paragraph #5? You've given us evidence of the latter; you've given us no evidence of the former. And, btw, what do _you_ do for a day's pay?

Robert KC Johnson - 3/3/2005

As I've said on numerous occasions, critics of the intellectual diversity movement have done more to harm their case than help it by speaking out--i.e, the Duke philosophy chair who explained a lack of conservatives on Duke's faculty by saying that John Mill had argued that conservatives are stupid.

The Swartz piece, by comparing "conservative" underrepresentation in the academy to that of astrologers, believers in telepathy, or those who believe in being possessed by the devil, confirms my point.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/3/2005

Yes, and I am green with envy!

Sherman Jay Dorn - 3/3/2005

Well, I was far too young to be on Nixon's enemies list (though I've always felt that there must have been some insult from the burglary's happening on my seventh birthday). But at least I've become notorious with great company!