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Mar 2, 2005 12:14 am

Carnival of Bad History #1

.. is up at archy. Apparently, in the absence of other nominations, everything I submitted made the cut. Because there was no" cut" to speak of.... The other articles are worth reading, though. McKay's post on the bad analogy between post-invasion Iraqi insurgents and post-Hitler"Werewolves" is quite good, and Orac's post on Holocaust denial is a classic. Bora Zivkovic's post on Lysenko's"science" and its devastating effects is long, but very substantial, particularly for its discussion of the way in which scientific discussions can unintentionally become political. Check 'em out!

One Man Carnival of Bad Historicism is also available at Tim Burke's place. Burke tackles the questions of authorial identity and literary historicism, and seems to want to draw a firmer line between literary and historical study. But that's like drawing a firm line between"history" and" culture"....

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Jonathan T. Reynolds - 3/2/2005

Methinks we are only beginning to scratch the surface!