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Feb 24, 2005 6:40 am

Remember When We Used to Have Free Speech?

I just heard Ron Insana, a financial reporter for CNBC, tell Don Imus that people have been investigated by the SEC just for talking about Sirius satellite radio's stock. I'm old enough to remember when Americans had freedom of speech.

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Max Swing - 2/25/2005

Yes, the time of free speech and freedom of speech is counted, since this newspeak of "political correctness" appeared.
I see this trend to appeasment and adjustment with critical eyes. Everything that appears to be radical or extreme is already marked as utopian. And of course, by labeling it that way, it will always remain utopian.

It's this ignorant view that everything that is radical, is the same and can be judged by evaluating other radical or extreme things. (Like Libertarianism as a radical pro-liberty ideology -> as dangerous as radical-statism/fascism)