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Jul 20, 2009 6:49 pm

Barr Versus the Barr Amendment

I voted for Bob Barr but with great reluctance. I could barely get enough energy to check the box by his name. This news makes feel better about my decision. Barr has praised a recent vote by Congress to repeal his amendment from 1998 which prohibited the District of Columbia from legalizating medical marijuana.

“While I in fact sponsored the initial appropriations limitation in 1998, the years since then have witnessed such a dramatic increase in federal government power and an unprecedented decrease in individual liberty, especially since 2001, that I have come to realize that such limitations as the so-called “Barr Amendment” are not and cannot be justified. It has become necessary to reevaluate the power of the federal government that I and others once were able or willing to justify, and do what we can to roll back the tide of government control."

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Anthony Gregory - 7/21/2009

Barr consistently said the reason he became more libertarian-leaning was the wave of statism after 9/11. But he rarely has said, "I was wrong to hold the positions I used to." If it's okay for DC to legalize medical marijuana now, why not before 9/11? Why not at any time?

RL - 7/20/2009

Former politicians ALWAYS sound more libertarian than CURRENT politicians...