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Feb 21, 2005 4:34 am

Ward Churchill coming to Hawai'i

Apparently Ward Churchill is coming to the University of Hawai'i at Manoa next Tuesday to give a talk on"Speaking Truth to Power: Academic Freedom in the Age of Terror." This in spite of (or perhaps because of) his call to support Native Hawaiian rights by discouraging tourism. There is even a rumor that the event might be simulcast to other UH campuses, so those of us on the"neighbor islands" will be able to join the fun (ain't technology grand?). I could not find a list of sponsoring organizations on the web, yet, but the article cited above lists the UH American Studies department as one of them, and regular HNN commenter Grant Jones reports that the Political Science department is another. I'll update this as appropriate.

With regard to the ongoing"review" of Churchill's work at CU and elsewhere, Harvey Silverglate points out that evidence of substantial error and fraud will be necessary to overcome the valid and strong presumption that actions taken against him are retaliation for his exercise of free speech rights.

UPDATE 2/20: The list of sponsors of Churchill's talk includes the UH-Manoa departments of American Studies, Hawaiian Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Women's Studies, as well as several other University-related programs (but funds are being raised from faculty, not, apparently, from University accounts) and an interesting collection of community social justice organizations. Apparently Churchill was here a decade ago, too.

Update 2/21: Charles Mutschler kindly sent along a link to a thorough discussion of Native groups rejection of Ward Churchill's ancestry claims which I shared with my faculty colleagues. Discussion has been, so far, respectful but intense, particularly on the issue of whether native ancestry (proven or otherwise) is important in evaluating the quality or importance of Churchill's work. As an outsider scholar in my own field, I'm not going to argue that membership is necessary to be a scholar or even an advocate of a culture. But there are both legal and ethical issues involved in Churchill's claims. Even if, as the article claims, he's wrong about having Native ancestry, it would be heartening to hear a plausible explanation from him of why he thinks he does; that would significantly mitigate the fraud charges, leaving only the procedural issues which CU is more liable for than Churchill.

In other news, state legislators have threatened UH with loss of funds for bringing Churchill [via poinography].

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Grant W Jones - 2/19/2005

Hey! Where's my Network check?

Ralph E. Luker - 2/19/2005

The system appears to have eaten my link to my post on Thursday that mocked Horowitz's Guide to the Left. I think it appeared before The Weblog got into the act. Anyway, I'm calling Horowitz's attention to the fact that he failed to include KC Johnson, Cliopatria, Jonathan Dresner, The Weblog, Adam Kotsko, Anthony Smith, Ralph Luker, Grant Jones, and George Bush in his conspiratorial network.

Jonathan Dresner - 2/19/2005

I've never been mistaken for KC before. I think I'm honored.... but just for fun:

Why shouldn't we just laugh off Horowitz's spiderweb as the "vast left-wing conspiracy" it is?

Anthony Paul Smith - 2/19/2005

My mistake. Without looking closely I thought this was KC Johnson. Sorry.

Ralph E. Luker - 2/19/2005

I don't know who the "you" is in your inquiry, Anthony, but the mockery of Horowitz's Discover the Network at Cliopatria pre-dates The Weblog's recognition of that necessity. While Grant Jones might be sympathetic to Horowitz, your criticism is not appropriately directed at Professor Dresner or Cliopatria.

Anthony Paul Smith - 2/19/2005

Is there a reason you have yet to respond to David Horowitz's vile site linking leftist profs to the 9/11 murderers?

It's this kind of unbalanced criticism that makes me hope you and people like Horowitz don't succed.

Jonathan Dresner - 2/19/2005

Right, thanks.

Greg James Robinson - 2/18/2005

I presume you mean that evidence will be needed to overcome the presumption that the acvtion WAS taken against him for using his free speech

Grant W Jones - 2/18/2005

Jonathan, I'm not sure if Goldberg-Hiller is sponsoring the Churchill talk as a poly-sci department function or if the group that issued the invite is of a ad-hoc nature.

I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this later. I hope Malia Zimmerman at Hawaii Reporter will release the entire memo, if possible.