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Mar 9, 2010 7:13 am

Global warming -- our reaction is stupid

From the NYT:

In “The Age of Stupid,” a frightening jeremiad about the effects of climate change, the craggy-faced British actor Pete Postlethwaite plays the Archivist, a finger-pointing, futuristic voice of doom in 2055. Peering into a retrospective crystal ball that shows scenes from the early 21st century, he scolds the human race for having committed suicide.

The curator of the Global Archive, a storage site of human knowledge in what is now a melted Arctic, the Archivist presses a rewind button on a touch screen to show documentary scenes related to climate change that were shot when there was still time for humanity to save itself. At the end of “The Age of Stupid,” which uses crude animation that depicts London underwater, Sydney burning and Las Vegas buried in sand, the Archive is sent into space.

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M. Wilcox - 8/9/2009

Stupid is not realizing a colder world is a danger to humanity not a warming one.European populations increased during the middle ages when the Earth was warmer than today and England/Florida and etal somehow weren't underwater, is there more water on earth now?Disease and wars increased and life expectancies decreased as the Earth entered mini-Ice ages following that warmer time.The last mini ice age ended a bit over a hundred years ago so a warming should be expected until we invariably enter the next mini ice age.Carbon dioxide is at a low level when put into geologic perspective, carbon dioxide is neccessary for plants to grow,if you could eliminate it we all die.Our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen 21% oxygen and one percent trace gasses of which carbon dioxide makes up about a quarter.Apocalyptic insanity should be confined to Hollywood,common sense would be a breath of fresh air just don't exhale or you'll increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we'll all BURN!!!!

Grant W Jones - 7/24/2009

In the age of stupid people will take seriously the verbose nonsense utter by actors. Oops, too late.

TJF - 7/24/2009

It is not clear to me what you mean by this post. Are you saying that the hysteria surrounding global warming is stupid? Are you saying that government sponsored research that concludes that the only way to save us is to give the government more power is not seen for what it is by most Americans makes us stupid? Or are you saying that people like me who are not at all convinced about global warming being an immediate crisis are stupid?