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Feb 16, 2005 1:24 pm

Gratuitous Insults

I'm afraid my reply to Kinsella here will get buried, so I'm linking to it here. I don't know what I did to deserve such insults, but I'm not about to let it slip without reply. I had heretofore been on good terms with Kinsella, so this comes out of left field. Or perhaps he'd care to retract them.

UPDATE: Stephan semi-apologizes, and I semi-accept, here, and below in comments.

UPDATE: Stephan apologizes, and I accept.

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Stephan (K-dog) Kinsella - 7/14/2005

I did already post this-- but repeated:

AEON I APOLOGIZE! I did NOT mean to slam RP. I love it, and agree it's great. By "half-assed" I meant its website and that it is not online. That's all. It was a poor choice of words. I like you and Tibor.

Stephan (K-dog) Kinsella - 7/14/2005

Bill, I have published 3 articles in RP myself. I really used a poor choice of words! I have just been frustrated with its website. I wish its website were better so its nice archive of material would be more accessible to people.

Stephan (K-dog) Kinsella - 7/14/2005

Okay, Aeon, let me clearly make a FULL APOLOGY. I was explaining what i meant, not justifying it. I should not have called the website halfassed either. You are the one doing something, at least, i realize, and I am grateful for that. Sorry again. I know how it can be--I run Hoppe's and Walter Block's sites and they could be better, but like you, my skills and time are limited.

Stephan (K-dog) Kinsella - 7/14/2005

Call me or email me. I can help. The short answer: scan it, but you need to have Adobe Acrobat full version. I also have an easy, quick and dirty way for you, but email me I don't want to say it here. stephan -at- kinsellalaw dot com

Aeon J. Skoble - 2/16/2005

Ok, thanks.

Aeon J. Skoble - 2/16/2005

I replied here to your mea culpa:here.

If you'd like to atone, you can tell me how to make a pdf out of an existing document (I know how to make a pdf from a word file, but not from a piece of paper).

William Marina - 2/16/2005

Dear Aeon,
Having been called an "idiot" and a "liar" by that great fount of wisdom, Justin Raimondo, and having publsihed an essay in Reason Papers in 1975, which Kinsella considers a "half-assed" publication, I suppose, by association, I am a half-assed writer who contributed to creating that description.
What I have learned of late is that certain supposed libertarians lack a sense of civility in their discourse.
I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if i were you, but simply considder the sources.
Bill Marina

Gil Guillory - 2/16/2005

Even though I agree with you regarding Palmer and others' attacks on Hoppe, and I understand your growing anger over these matters.