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Feb 14, 2005 6:04 pm

Some Noteds ...

Final voting on the Koufax Awards for 2004 has begun. Scroll down the left hand column and click on each category in which you want to vote. Cliopatria has lots of friends in the competition.

Lia Miller's"New Website for Academics Roils Education Journalism" in today's New York Times explains the background to the founding of Inside Higher Ed, the new on-line publication. While you're over there, have a look at Scott Jaschik's"Resignation at Hamilton" on the resignation of Nancy Rabinowitz as director of the Kirkland Project at Hamilton College; and David Steigerwald's"The New Repression of the Postmodern Right" on legislation introduced in the Ohio legislature to adopt David Horowitz's"academic bill of rights."

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