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Jul 19, 2009 5:30 pm


iranazadmishavad reports:

Nearly one month after suppressive forces arrested Ms. Taraneh Mousavi, 28, there is still no information about her fate and whereabouts. She was arrested by suppressive forces on June 17 in Shariati Street in Tehran during the Iranian peoples nationwide uprising.

Her mother was informed recently that Taraneh was undergoing treatment in Khomeini Hospital in Karaj, but when her mother went to the hospital, officials told her that they had no record of her there.

According to eye-witness reports, Taraneh and a group of other people were arrested and taken by plainclothes agents to a secret torture site known as a safe-house. All those arrested with her were later transferred to Evin Prison, but no one has been able to confirm if she had been transferred from that center or removed from the custody of the plainclothes agents.

Detainees of the uprising, in particular women and girls, are facing physical and psychological torture and even rape by plainclothes agents who are under the direct command of the office of the regimes Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In addition to Taraneh, there is no word on the fate of many other detained women and girls. At least 14 women and girls were among those arrested during protests on July 9, and their relatives have no information about them. (There is a list available with their names) News in English

UPDATE: Well, the young girl is dead. The authorities claim that she killed herself because she was ashamed of having pre-marital sex or having been raped . Sorry, the stories are getting more and more bizzare as the names and faces of those who paid with their lives for these uprising continues to fill in. The Guardian is keeping a running tab.

'I wed Iranian girls before execution'

Rant Legal and Official Rape in Iran Prisons Virgins cannot be executed. Those raped are not longer virgins. Hence . . .

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