Feb 9, 2005 3:41 pm


1.Frieda reports: Another activist arrested in Tehran!

Based on reports, Nargess Adeeb, another of the tireless and intrepid political activists and founding member of the"Pioneer's Movement of Iran" was arrested by the regime's forces in Tehran.

Nargess Adeeb was violently ceased away [by agents of the Ministry of Propaganda] from her house at 9:30 AM in plain sight of her young children and husband; she was taken to detention sector 209.

The regime's agents, after tossing her house, ceased her personal belongings and other objects such as computers, phone books, satellite dish, et al.

The news of this courageous woman's arrest is being internationally broadcast.

2.Blogger's 'Crime' Against the Islamic State is a story about his own arrest written by"Farouz Farzami" which is the pseudonym of an Iranian journalist. Note the following exchange:

The next day, I was taken to a room down a long corridor and told to sit down. A fat hand with an agate stone ring set an interrogation form in front of me. Then he began asking about my Web log, which has hyperlinks on it to Western feminist groups.

"Do you accept the charges?" the interrogator asked.

"What charges?"

"That you have written things in your Web log that go against the Islamic system and that encourage people to topple the system," he said."You are inviting corrupt American liberalism to rule Iran."


3.It's time to make tolerance a two way street. It is unacceptable for states to punish individuals for conversion to another religion or exclude individuals from entering the county becasue of their religion. Thus, if Saudis do not permit Christians and Jews to enter Saudi Arabia, the US should not permit Saudi officials and their families to enter the US.

IRAN : JAILED PASTOR FINALLY PRODUCED IN COURT Converted Christian accused of deception, apostasy and proselytizing Muslims.

Frieda reports that an Iranian by the name of Hamid Pourmand who has become christian from 25 years ago and was active in the divine society of the church , five months ago together with several members of this church has been arrested. Pourmand who is having a rank within the army, is accused of deluding the army, because a non moslem can not becom a ranking personnel in the army. Pourmand is saying that he has enough document which shows that the army completly knew of his religious change. According to the news his crime is in fact changing religion and because of this reason he might be condemned to death.

Calling Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch etc.

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qwytrewq rrewtt tretretery - 2/24/2005

I've built a site for Hamid, where are every mail addresses of iranian embassies for protest. I'll be very happy if you visit it.

qwytrewq rrewtt tretretery - 2/24/2005

Sorry, the correct link of my site for save Hamid Pourmand
is this: