Feb 7, 2005 5:06 pm


I do not know General Petreus from Adam. I do know that his"training" turned Iraqi young man who join the security forces and the police into cannon fodder for the terrorists. Something must be rotten in the way they make such an easy target. The fact the Petreus, like Bremer before him, is a media darling is even more alarming. Our strategy is turning the security over to Iraqis and, with General Petreus in charge, it seems that their ability to execute the mission is receding by the minute. See, Iraqi security forces face daily slaughter

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Joseph Henry Peek - 9/11/2007

Dear Professor Judith Klinghoffer, your comments re. the General are two points below that of plant life because you have no concept of the military, the problems they face or the men who serve our country. The Iraqui volunteers who join have no concept either but they do have a desire to rid their country of the terrorist vermin that infest that country with their radical Islamic B.S. (ie, bull excrement) Please do some historical reading beginning with the ancient Roman Army leading up to the First and Second World Wars. Then jump into Korea and Viet Nam and read more concerning the strategy of battles and compare the combatants then and now. There is a world of difference in the fight, the pholosophy and the use of weapons. You might want to check out the methods the American Indians used that were then adopted by the settlers in order to level the playing field. Maybe you would become more enlightened than your 4th grade (I give you too much credit) approach to this incredibly fine leader who graduated from West Point on the Hudson. My regards, Joe Peek, US Naval Academy, 1960, Lt. USN (Ret)