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Feb 7, 2005 12:20 pm

Some Graphics ...

History Carnival #2 led with Bostonia's citation of Boston's narrowest house. At 9 ½' across, 44 Hull Street is a quaint, little house that manages access from an alleyway. But D. B. Light of Light Seeking Light calls our attention to Baltimore's"The Little House," at 200 1/2 Montgomery Street in Federal Hill. It measures just under 9' wide. It was probably built in the mid-1850's and squeezes a front door on the street-side. There's a tiny, little lady who lives in there, too; but she used to be a steel-worker, so watch it, busta!

American historians who are finishing a book or article manuscript and looking for illustrations should have a look at Picture History. It is a perfectly enormous on-line archive of graphics. Organized by topic (Architecture & Buildings, Politics & Government, War & Military, etc.), it is fully searchable by subject. Actually, I'm probably in this one, but so far back in the line that you can't identify me.

There are several interesting posts about the recycling of built space. Nathanael Robinson at Rhine River takes a look at how medieval European Christians"scavenged" remnants of the Roman Empire; and Brian Ulrich at Brian's Study Breaks has a lovely photograph of the Crac de Chevaliers, the 11th -13th century Crusaders' castle near Homs, Syria. T. E. Lawrence called it"the most wholly admirable castle in the world." Some enterprising Syrian, under the close eye of the government, no doubt, has opened a restaurant in it for the tourists' convenience.

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