New Mary Rose Museum gets final go-ahead

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After a year in which we have been vigorously celebrating the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the English throne, today (June 24 2009) marks the actual anniversary of the event and it coincides with news that would have pleased the famously cantankerous Monarch.

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) have given the final go-ahead for a £21 million grant to the Mary Rose Trust to complete the conservation of Henry’s favourite warship, the Mary Rose, and to build a permanent museum for the ship and the artefacts in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

"This is indeed great news. The Mary Rose has been described by historian Dr David Starkey as this country's Pompeii, painting the finest picture of the world of sixteenth century life,” said John Lippiett, Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust.

The new musuem will reunite the ship with its numerous treasures.

“The HLF has today demonstrated their real commitment to the nation's heritage and ensured this truly unique ship and collection remains forever. When better to celebrate than during the month which marks the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's accession - we think he would be delighted!"

The Mary Rose Trust has raised £10 million of the final £35 million for the new Museum, which is scheduled to open in time for the 2012 Olympics. Details are now being finalised to launch a public fundraising appeal for the final £4 million next month...

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