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John Barnhill is an independent historian living in Oklahoma and a writer for the History News Service. Norman Markowitz
Mr. Markowitz is an associate professor of history at the New Brunswick Campus of Rutgers University and a writer for the History News Service.

Alvin Finkel Mr. Finkel is co-author of In Our Time: The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion, with Clement Leibovitz (1998). He teaches history at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada, and is a writer for the History News Service Keith Miller has been a speaker with the OAH Distinguished Lectureship Series since 1999. Mr. Miller will soon publish the book BLACK GOLD IN LITTLE EGYPT: A CENTURY OF ILLINOIS PETROLEUM, 1889-1989 under the auspices of Illinois Oil & Gas Association. Allan Winkler is Distinguished Professor of History at Miami University in Ohio and the author of LIFE UNDER A CLOUD: AMERICAN ANXIETY ABOUT THE ATOM. P. M. Carpenter is a writer, student of history, and professional artist. His artwork site is: Rachael Hanel is a staff writer at Mankato Free Press and is working on her master's degree in history at Minnesota State University. Jason Sokol is a graduate student in U.S. History at UC-Berkeley. He has written freelance for the Nation,, Feed. Larry Schweikart is Professor of History, University of Dayton and the author of The Entrepreneurial Adventure: A History of Business in the United States. Keith Millier is Organization of OAH lecturer. Anthony D'Agostino is Professor of History at San Francisco State University and the author of Gorbachev's Revolution, 1985-1991 (Macmillan/NYU, 1998). Ira Chernus is professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and a writer for the History News Service. Daniel Justin Herman is Assistant Professor of History at Central Washington University and author of _Hunting and the American Imagination_ (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2001). Mr. Thompson, Professor of Public Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is the author of Gambling in America: An Encyclopedia. THOMAS FLEMING: Mr. Fleming is the author of more than forty books including, most recently, The New Dealer's War. He is a member of the board of directors of History News Network. Column by Stephen HessThis should be introduced by the line: Editor’s note: File this in The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same Department. Yes, we seem to be awash in news about the emergence of political families …. Mr. Weisberger is a contributing editor at American Heritage and the author of America Afire: Jefferson, Adams and the Revolutionary Election of 1800. Ron Briley teaches history at the Sandia Prepatroy School. Anthony D'Agostino,professor of history at San Francisco State University, is writing a study of the revisionist history of the origins of World War II. His latest book is Gorbachev’s Revolution, 1985-1991 (Macmillan/NYU, 1998). Norm Goda associate professor of history at Ohio University, is the author of Tomorrow the World: Hitler, Northwest Africa, and the Path Toward America (1998). Curtis Morgan wants his web site posted. F. Morgan, PhD University of South CarolinaAdjunct Professor of History, Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC Herbert S. Parmet is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at TheCity University of New York and the author, most recently, of GeorgeBush: The Life of a Lone Star Yankee (1997). His Eisenhower and theAmerican Crusades (1972) is newly available in a reprint edition. Mike Casey, vice president for public affairs at the Environmental Working Group, helped plan the media coverage of its latest report, “Up in Smoke.” Joseph A. McCartin teaches history at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and a writer for the History News Service. He is currently writing a book on the PATCO strike. Michael Richards teachesAnd writes about the history of the 20th century at Sweet BriarCollege. Robert E. Mutch, the author of Campaigns, Congress, and Courts (Praeger 1988), a political history of federal campaign finance law, is a regular contributor to David Courtwright ( is a professor of history at theUniversity of North Florida and the author of several books on the historyof drug use and the history of violence. Mr. Nobile is the author of Intellectual Skywriting: Literary Politics and the New York Review of Books and editor of Judgement at the Smithsonian, which reprinted the banned script of the Smithsonian's 50th anniversary exhibit of the Enola Gay. Kevin R. Kosar is a Ph.D. Candidate in Politics at New York University and aPublic policy research assistant to Lawrence M. Mead and Joseph P. Viteritti ofNYU. He is currently writing his dissertation,"National Education StandardsAnd the Politics of Exhortation." 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Lichtman, Chair, Department of History, American University, author of Keys to the White House (1996). Morton Mintz, a former chairman of the Fund for Investigative Journalism, was a Washington Post reporter for nearly thirty years before departing in 1988. Ted Daniels, Ph.D.,Director of the Millennium Watch Institute, is the editor of A Doomsday Reader (New York University Press, 1999). Gil Troy, Professor of history at McGill University and the author of See How They Ran: The Changing Role of the Presidential Candidate and Affairs of State: The Rise and Rejection of the Presidential Couple Since World War II Peter Montague, director of the Environmental Research Foundation, writes a weekly column known as"Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly." Robert Forbes is a lecturer in history and associate director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University. He is no relation to Steve Forbes. 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Kimboo York is a professional writer and lives in Orlando, Florida. She graduated from New College, the Florida State honors college, after graduating in 1986 from homeschool -- “I was homeschooled almost exclusively from second grade through twelfth.” Itai Sneh is a graduate student in history at Columbia University and a writer for the History News Service. Ruth Rosen is an editorial writer and columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle and former professor of history at U.C. Davis. Mr. Steinhorn is a professor of communication at American University and co-author of By the Color of Our Skin: The Illusion of Integration and The Reality of Race. He is a member of the board of History News Network. HIROSHIMA

The Defense: Opening Argument
By Ronald Radosh

Ronald Radosh is the author of Commies: A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left and the Leftover Left (Encounter Books), and co-editor with Mary R. Habeck of Spain Betrayed: The Soviet Union in the Spanish Civil War (Yale University Press). (Larry) Mr. Schweikart is a professor of history at the University of Dayton and author of The Entrepreneurial Adventure: A History of American Business. Oscar B. Chamberlain is professor of history, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, University of Wisconsin-Barron County. LCDR James R. Van de Velde, Ph.D. is a member of the United States Naval Intelligence Reserves. Arnold A. Offner is Cornelia F. Hugel Professor of History at Lafayette College and past president, Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations. Mr. Mohan and Mr. Maley, writers for the History News Service, are graduate students at American University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, researching and writing about Hiroshima and American culture. Richard Jensen is a professor history emeritus, University of Illinois, and a writer for the History News Service. I've published 4 books in the last decade, so I guess that would qualify meas a"military historian." I'm also professor of history at LincolnUniversity in Oakland CA but that's no matter of distinction .Eric Bergerud is a professor of history at Lincoln University in Oakland, California and the author of several books on military history. Edwin Moise is professor of history at Clemson University and the author of a book about the Tonkin Gulf incident. Matitiahu Mayzel on the faculty of Tel-Aviv university, where he teaches Russian history and military history. Currently he is on sabbatical at the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University. James Ennes was an officer on the bridge of the ship during the attack and is the author of Assault on the Liberty (Random House, 1980; Ballantine, 1986)." MENTION WEBSITE!!! Yomin Postelnik studied in rabbinical seminaries in Florida as well as in Canada. He has also taught at similar seminaries. He is currently in Ontario, Canada where he is starting a small monthly dedicated to conservative world politics and gives regular classes to adults in Jewish philosophy. Judith Klinghoffer is senior associate scholar at the Political Science department at Rutgers University, Camden, and the author of Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East. R. John Pritchard Mr. Pritchard is an historian and international criminal lawyer who for more than 30 years has specialized in the misconduct of war and the history and jurisprudence of war crimes trials. Joseph A. Palermo is the author of In His Own Right: The Political Odyssey of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (Columbia University Press, 2001). Robert J. Spitzer, Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, SUNY Cortland, will become the president of the Presidency Research Group of the American Political Science Association this fall. D. Keith Naylor is an associate professor of religious studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles and a writer for the History News Service. Edward Olshaker is a longtime freelance writer whose work has appeared in many publications including the New York Times and Joseph M. Siracusa is Reader in American Diplomacy, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Jonathan Dresner is Assistant Professor of History (East Asia) at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His research is on the local effects of regional economic integration. This essay is based both on his own research and on trends he noticed teaching the Western Civilization survey. Michael Creswell is an assistant professor in the department of history at The Florida State University and a writer for the History News Service. Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom of Indiana University is a writer for the History News Service whose books include Human Rights and Revolutions (Rowman and Littlefield, 2000). Barron H. Lerner, MD, PhD is a historian and internist at theColumbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. This piece draws on hisnewly-published book,"The Breast Cancer Wars: Hope, Fear and the Pursuit of a Cure in Twentieth-Century America" (Oxford 2001).

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