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Annie - 5/20/2003

hi, I was wondering if you ever found any video clips? Because I am doing a school project and I can not find any that work with windows media player. Did anyone respond to you? Any ideas?



Marissa - 3/10/2003

all of you people out there suck who spend there time dripping round this fricken place while you could be doing much more worthy things of your time. so i suggest you go out there and explore, thank you this is all i wanted to say. by the way i got on this site by accident!

Meg - 3/5/2003

i am doing a project for school. it is a final project concluding our unit on world war 2. i am trying to conduct a newspaper with a business section, news, sports, and entertainment in the 1940's. do any of u have any links or ideas for my project on world war 2? cuz i really need some help on it.
thanx so much,

Matt Kane - 10/9/2002

Hi im currently working on a projest for the great depression. I have look all around the web for video and audio clips that will work with Windows Media Player. I have found nothing. It would really help me if you have any clips on the great depression. If not then if u have any ideas where i will be able to gather some for my project.
Thank You

Sincerly Matt Kane