Eisa Davis’s play is a rhythmic collage of scenes, songs and reminiscences about the life of Angela Davis, the scholar and activist.

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“Wake up,” Mom says. “It’s time to go to the demonstration.”

So dawns another politically engaged morning in the unorthodox Berkeley, Calif., household that was home to Eisa Davis, the actress (“Passing Strange”) and author of the engaging new free-form autobiographical show, “Angela’s Mixtape,” that opened on Thursday night at the Ohio Theater, a co-production of New Georges and the Hip-Hop Theater Festival.

Ms. Davis’s full name is Angela Eisa Davis. Leapfrog the middle and you have the handle of an American woman both celebrated and reviled during the tumultuous 1970s. That Angela Davis, the scholar and activist jailed for more than a year before being acquitted of involvement in a violent attempt to free a prisoner, is Angela Eisa Davis’s aunt, and the secondary subject of this appropriately turbulent and quite funny show about the forces that influence the forging of identity.

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