Smithsonian American History Museum now features a colonial house

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The simple, everyday things - that's what he remembers.

His grandmother, always in an apron. The luring aroma of her pies. When the leaves tinted orange and red, the way she melted wax to seal garden-fresh carrots into preserve jars.

Window cards heralding ice deliveries. Baths in an old stone sink, puzzles, gliding around wood floors in wool socks.

For just five years, the Ipswich Colonial was home. But Richard Lynch left a mark there - and it on him.

"It's embedded right in my mind," said the 69-year-old retired construction worker and lifelong Ipswich resident, whose razed childhood home is now memorialized in the exhibit "Within These Walls," at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. "They were good times."

In every home, there are stories. Memories, shadows, imprints of tenants long gone.

As visitors, we do not own these places. We are just the chapters - the homes, the settings, make up the binding. And, unless there are people like Lynch to remember, the stories go untold, ultimately forgotten.

This house, however, talks....

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