Turkey rehabilitates poet Hikmet

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Turkey says it is to restore the citizenship of one of its most illustrious poets and playwrights.

Nazim Hikmet was stripped of his citizenship for his Marxist beliefs in the 1950s after he fled the country, having spent years in Turkish prisons.

Hikmet, who died in exile in Moscow in 1963, revolutionised Turkish poetry during the 1930s and has had his work translated into some 50 languages.

Deputy PM Cemil Cicek said it was time for the government to change its mind.

"The crimes which forced the government to strip him of his citizenship at that time are no longer considered a crime," he said.

Mr Cicek said it was up to Hikmet's relatives to decide if they wanted to bring his remains back from Moscow, in accordance with a wish in his will to be buried under a tree in an Anatolian cemetery...

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