Adolf Hitler painting sold at 7,000 pounds loss by woman because she hated it

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The watercolour of a church along the French-Belgian border bears the macabre signature 'AH' and dates back to the First World War when the future Nazi leader was stationed as a foot soldier.

It was bought by the woman's son for £10,500 in 2006 along with a collection of 23 of Hitler's artwork in an auction condemned as "'grotesque" by Jewish leaders.

The anonymous buyer fought off bidders from across the world for the 9ins by 11.5ins painting 'The Church of Preux-au-Bois' and later gave it to his mother.

But the woman, who lives in Hampshire, decided she didn't want the picture and sold it yesterday auctioned it at Jeffreys Auctions in Lostwithiel, Cornwall.

Despite being bought for £10,500 two years ago it is expected to fetch as little as £3,000 in it is re-sold because of the credit crunch.

Ian Morris, 46, head auctioneer, said the seller of the painting had decided to auction the piece because she was uncomfortable with its history...

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