School students put history on T-shirts

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Kids got creative at the University School in Davie when they turned ordinary T-shirts into wearable works of art history.

With markers and Popsicle sticks, Michael Wilner transformed himself into a fashion historian.

The eighth-grader recently used events from the Boston Tea Party as décor for a T-shirt.

''I used the sticks to make the boat and drew the people aboard it,'' the young artist said.

Wilner and his classmates at the University School in Davie were asked to show a little of what they have learned in class by designing individual history shirts.

The topics were decided by what the kids had studied in the first quarter of school. The designs were left up to them.

''I told them to think of a collage on a shirt,'' said Janet Cotterall, an eighth-grade social studies teacher.

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