HBO is preparing a new documentary on the President-Elect

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HBO is known for pushing the envelope of television, and they are acting fast on the historic occasion of Barack Obama winning the presidency. The new documentary is co-produced by Edward Norton, and documents Obama's campaign, path to the presidency, and election victory.

Since 2006, Amy Rice and Alicia Sams have had the camera eye on Obama, following him from Africa to Election Night. During that time, the duo has had deep access to Obama and his family, friends, and campaign team. They originally approached Norton with the idea, and he pulled strings to secure them the access they needed.

Immediately after Obama's win, HBO secured the rights to the documentary, planning to air it next year. The cameras will roll all the way through the inauguration on January 20, 2009. Norton told the press, "We believe this film will capture a tipping point in American history when a new generation of leadership emerged and old prejudices were finally vaulted over."

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