New medieval reality show?

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VISITORS to Scarborough Castle have the chance to find out about some of the worst jobs in history this weekend.
The medieval world certainly had more than its fair share of unpleasant occupations.

A castle spokeswoman said: "Children were commonly regarded as 'miniature adults', so by the time they reached 16 or 18, they would have probably already learned a trade, often following in their fathers' chosen career path. Unfortunately for some, if their parents were at the lower end of the social scale, this could involve some rather nasty and often hazardous jobs!"

One of the worst was the gong farmer – an unfortunate soul who spent his day digging cesspits and emptying them once they had become full. However there was a brighter side to their job.

Nicola Bexon, regional marketing manager for English Heritage, which is organising the castle event, said: "These gong farmers were actually some of the first to benefit from health and safety legislation. Due to the noxious nature of their job, they were required to work a comparatively short of 9am-5pm while their colleagues in the fields would have to work from sunrise to sunset all year round."

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