Turkish Iron Age style back in fashion

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Women in Turkey have been returning to 2,500-year-old fashions, as bracelets, earrings and other accessories styled after pieces in the Iron Age section of the Antalya Archeology Museum grow more popular by the day. Sales of imitation combs, bracelets and pinky rings based on pieces found in Kinet, a port city founded in sixth or fifth century BCE, have been soaring in the city of Dortyol in the southeastern province of Hatay, local shopkeepers say.

The Iron Age accessories, carved from ivory and bone, have been copied with designs made out of wood. The lice comb, which is very popular among older women, is a popular but rare item that can be found in the historical Uzun Bazaar in Hatay. Accessories made of blue, yellow and white beads believed to provide protection from the evil eye are also popular in the city's shops and jewelry stores.

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