FA Cup final ticket from 1895 discovered in dusty scrapbook to sell for

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A ticket for the 1895 FA Cup final discovered in a dusty scrapbook recently is expected to fetch £3,000 at auction this week.

The ticket cost 12.5p and gained the holder entrance into the match at Crystal Palace, which Aston Villa beat West Midlands rival West Bromwich Albion 1-0.

The game, the first final to be played at Crystal Palace, remains famous for the fastest goal ever scored in an FA Cup final - 30 seconds - and also for the fact that the Cup was stolen shortly afterwards and never recovered.

David Barber, the FA's official historian, said it was an extremely important piece of memorabilia sand one of the oldest tickets to surface. He said:"1895 was certainly a significant year in the history the FA Cup. It was the year in which the final was played at Crystal Palace for the first time, but the attendance was only 42,000.

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