Hitler the painter - don't give up the day-job!

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New sides to Adolf Hitler's character have been found by Russian artists Irina Valdron and Vladimir Salnikov.
Hitler was a dictator and a second-rate painter. There is little of aesthetic value in this series, but there is definitely much food for thought in this study which concentrates on the Fuhrer's art work.

Irina Valdron discovered copies of the Fuhrer’s early drawings in the British Library in London and created projects called “The Ladies with the Dogs”.

By enlarging the works by the future Fuhrer, Irina Valdron exposes Hitler’s amateurish style and his vulgar taste.

“I was working with the period when Hitler was not Fuhrer, nor was he an artist, in my opinion. I imagined him as a person from a poor family, ambitious and frustrated. I am showing his works in the context of the European art of his time. I have inserted him into the degenerate Dadaist art, which he used to hate,” Valdron said.

Valdron's colleague Vladimir Salnikov also reflects on the Fuhrer's figure in his series “Austro-German and his Favourite Dog”.

Both artists admit it was hard to work with this material.

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