The Nazi Plot That's Haunting Tom Cruise and United Artists

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When United Artists said this month that it would again delay the release of “Valkyrie,” in which Tom Cruise plays a German officer who tries to kill Hitler, the Web went into obituary mode.

One Hollywood Internet site,, flatly declared, “Valkyrie is dead.” Another,, said that the revival of United Artists had effectively died with it.

Meanwhile, Roger Friedman, a widely read Web reporter with a column on, had some career advice for Mr. Cruise: “He needs another ‘Jerry Maguire’-like romantic comedy, and he needs it now.”

The death notices are remarkable in that United Artists, in its current version, was financed just eight months ago. And there is no way to be certain about “Valkyrie” until the film, first set for release in June, then October, and now Feb. 13, 2009, finally opens....

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