Oswald's Ghost (2007)

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The documentary “Oswald’s Ghost” initially plays as yet another primer on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the vilification of Lee Harvey Oswald, the normalization of conspiracy theory and the collective aftershocks of a murder many Americans still consider unsolved.

Because the movie covers well-worn territory — and interviews the usual boldface names, including the assassination theorists Mark Lane and Edward Jay Epstein, the former CBS beat reporter Dan Rather and Norman Mailer — its existence raises a question: Why go here again?

The answer coalesces in the film’s second half. The director Robert Stone (“Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst”) draws parallels between the Johnson-Nixon era and the post-9/11 years — periods of introspection, paranoia, conservative-liberal animosity, executive-branch secrecy and war.

These comparisons aren’t new, either, but Mr. Stone does a diligent, sometimes eerie job of articulating them. ...

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Phillip Fletcher Stockwell - 12/10/2007

The 2008 anniversaries of the murders of John Kennedy in 1963 and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King in 1968 have us inundated with renewed efforts to cover up the evidence of CIA-FBI-Police involvement in these political murders.

Reruns of misinformation and disinformation abound as they always do at signpost anniversary years.

This New York Times review of the movie, 'Oswald's Ghost,' uses a famous doctored photograph which, when it isn't cropped, shows by the shadows at 'Oswald's feet' and his nose that an image of Oswald's face was stuck on someone else's body holding that rifle and communist literature.

The sloppiness of the cover-up shows how easily myths are quickly and firmly embedded in popular culture and just repeated until the crowd moves on to the next scandal and cover story.

The ballistic and forensic evidence of the big three assassinations, JFK-MLK-RFK, prove the innocence of the patsies.

Teachers and historians need to focus on the CIA's and State Department's long-time influence on and then control of so-called mainstream media so that schools can prevent spreading the virus of disinformation that has been packaged as official history.

This American version of covert control of the press was once called 'The Mighty Wulitzer' and then 'Operation Mockingbird.' In 1951 a program to wage widespread psychological operations was begun within CIA as the Psychological Strategy Board to deploy the total warfare doctrines developed during WWII by the overt Office of War Information and the covert predecessor of the CIA, the Office of Special Services or OSS.

Search those terms up and then get started on rewriting your 20th century history. You might even discover that the laws of physics such as 'Conservation of Momentum' apply to the three World Trade Center buildings that "collapsed" on 9/11.

Motivational myths are very carefully protected with state-controlled media like an umbrella held over the snowman of Trust in Authority. And that umbrella filters out narratives that are a threat to nationalist motivations.

Look up Pearl Harbor and the suppression of the broken Japanese Purple Code as documented by Robert B. Stinnett.

How many teachers still tell students that Gary Powers' U2 plane was shot down by the USSR on May 1, 1960? It wasn't.

And CIA Director Richard Helms even admitted this to a Senate commitee.

His plane's engine mysteriously stopped and, according to principals involved, was very likely sabotaged to do the same to Ike's efforts to make peace with Kruschev.

Ike's January, 1961 warning about the "military industrial complex" makes more sense when we find out how he was kept 'out of the loop' by CIA Director, Allen Dulles.

Perhaps now the murders of:
>JFK, who on October 11, 1963 signed National Security Action Memorandum #263 ending US involvement in Vietnam

>MLK, who was uniting black and white Americans against the Vietnam War

>RFK, who would've ended the Vietnam War, increased domestic spending, and re-opened investigations into the death of his brother...

...make realpolitik sense. That is, along as you realize that the 'mainstream media' has functioned as a division of the State Department using state of the art Ivy League behavioral science ever since WWII.

Oswald haunts us still.
But the photographed face of the CIA's assassination expert, Lucien Conein, in Dealey Plaza haunts me more.