Movie to be made about U-boat discovery

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Richie Kohler wanted to become an astronaut and explore outer space after seeing man land on the moon.

Instead, he became a diver, exploring inner space and helping to uncover a mystery dating back to World War II.

Kohler, a Brick resident, recounted to an audience of about 80 people at Ocean County Library's Lacey branch the experience of helping to identify the German submarine U-869. The boat was thought to have been sunk near Morocco in 1945, but was located in 1991 about 60 miles off the New Jersey coast.

The account is covered in Robert Kurson's book "Shadow Divers," which Kohler signed following his presentation. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is working on making a movie about the find, Kohler said.

Kohler was one of a group of divers who became involved with identifying the mystery boat after a fishing trawler snagged its net on the wreck. Initially, it was believed the ship was an American submarine that sank while under tow.

"I hoped to solve a mystery," Kohler said....

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