War through the eyes of a PoW in Japan (Exhibit)

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Sketches by a Second World War Serviceman, tracing his experiences from RAF bases to a Japanese prisoner of war camp, are to be exhibited for the first time.

Fred Goodwin began the war servicing aircraft. After the Battle of Britain he was sent to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) with 605 Squadron.

They were to try to halt the Japanese advance, but were under-prepared. Mr Goodwin was captured. As a prisoner he witnessed unspeakable horrors.

However, throughout the war he made drawings and paintings of what he saw. The collection stayed with him until his return home and his death in 2001 at the age of 83.

He used the material that came to hand. Many of the drawings are on lined paper in ballpoint pen. Some he drew at the time and others from memory when he was able to find a pen and paper.

He painted in water colours at Changi prison in Singapore, where he could barter with the guards.

However, when he was incarcerated on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, Mr Goodwin was kept under a tighter regime and his drawing was more secretive than in Changi....

Now his son Bob is to exhibit the drawings and paintings at Buckfast Abbey in Devon from Monday.

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