Jimmy Breslin: Condi's Lying About Executive Privilege

Roundup: Media's Take

Jimmy Breslin. in Newsday (March 30, 2004):

I just made a professional appearance in Washington and as I am a working person, as differing from these Pekinese of the Press, I found Ms. Condoleezza Rice's contention shady that she cannot appear under oath and in public in front of the 9/11 committee because of precedent and separation of powers.

Bush the president has told her not to appear. This makes him somewhat more than an innocent bystander in this.

Zbigniew Brzezinski says he was national security adviser in 1980 and that he appeared -"under oath!" - in front of a Senate committee in 1980.

We present herewith - and prominently - the proof that she has been lying.

Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1980

U.S. Senate Subcommittee to Investigate the Activities of Individuals Representing the Interests of Foreign Governments of the Committee on the Judiciary. Washington, D.C.

Senator Pell: Mr. Chairman, it seems to me that we have a mandate to be as wide-ranging as we care to be as a committee, but from the viewpoint of the White House this is already a historic occasion. It is the first time that I can recall that the National Security Adviser has come up in quite a while, if ever, or even a limited area and they chose to waive executive privilege only in the area concerning Libya and Billy Carter.

Mr. Brzezinski: I think it is the first time ever, Senator.

Sen. Pell: The first time ever in history that they have waived executive privilege, and I think that fact should be noted.

Mr. Brzezinski: That is my recollection, and I believe in testimony by other participants it's supported by them as well.

Sen. Dole: Now, were you aware of Mr. Kirbo's trip to Saudi Arabia in the spring of 1980 which related to the National Bank of Georgia, just a few days before the public Saudi F-15 decision by the White House?

Mr. Brzezinski: What was the date?

Sen. Dole: It was in the spring of 1980, a few days before the Saudi F-15.

Mr. Moses: What decision are you referring to?

Sen. Dole: Pardon?

Mr. Moses: What announcement was there from the White House that you're referring to? May we have the announcement?

Sen. Dole: The question was whether or not they should have more - or whether they should have the F-15s, but I was just wondering if Dr. Brzezinski was aware of Mr. Kirbo's trip to Saudi Arabia in the spring of 1980.

Mr. Brzezinski: (Are) you retracting the reference to some decisions about F-15?

Senator Dole: That's only a time frame.

Mr. Brzezinski: So you're not referring to any decision regarding F-15?

Sen. Dole: I'm just asking if you're familiar, personally familiar, with that trip to Saudi Arabia of Mr. Kirbo, whether you had briefed Mr. Kirbo, whether you had any discussion with Mr. Kirbo in the spring on 1980.

Mr. Moses: Senator are you associating Mr. Kirbo's trip with any decision made or considerations given F-15's or has that been withdrawn from your questions.

Sen. Leahy: Were you aware at the time of his [Billy Carter] public appearance around the country with Libyans?

Mr. Brzezinski: I have some recollection of the fact that he either hosted or was a co-host of a Libyan group in this country.

Sen. Leahy: Were you aware of ...

Mr. Brzezinski: May I finish?

Sen. Leahy: Were you aware of his financial problems?

Mr. Brzezinski: No, I was not aware at all of his financial situation.

Sen. Thurman: I ask you did you alert U.S. intelligence? Do you care to answer or not?

Mr. Brzezinski: I cannot allege someone to do something which they're already doing.

Sen. Thurman: Then you were satisfied with what you were doing then?

Mr. Brzezinski: Pardon?

Sen. Thurman: You were satisfied with what they were doing?

Mr. Brzezinski: I was satisfied that info they were giving indicated that they knew what was going on.

Sen. Thurman: From testimony we have heard so far there is substantial evidence that Admiral Taylor was not acting as director of Central Intelligence but as messenger ...

I have as I type this, 1,600 pages of this testimony in case somebody still feels that no national security adviser ever testified in front of a congressional committee. Anybody who wants to learn the rest of this testimony can call my newspaper and I will read it to you over the phone, and to Condoleezza Rice, who says what you just read never happened.

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