"Gerda Taro" and "This Is War! Robert Capa at Work" (Exhibit/NYC)

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There are a number of narratives running through “Gerda Taro” and “This Is War! Robert Capa at Work,” at the International Center of Photography. One concerns the rediscovery of Taro, an accomplished photographer whose brief career has been nearly forgotten. Another tracks the development of Capa, whom Picture Post magazine called “the greatest war photographer in the world.” A third is the story of two young people, Taro and Capa, who fled Nazi Germany, moved to Paris and formed a working partnership.

Taro’s story is the least known. Born Gerta Pohorylle in Stuttgart in 1910, she left Germany in 1933 after being held in custody for associating with anti-Nazi activists. In Paris she met Capa, born Endre Friedmann in Hungary but calling himself André after moving to Paris (by way of Berlin)....

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