British film crew arrested in Nuremberg for shooting scene with actor in SS uniform

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A British film director and his crew found themselves under arrest in Germany for shooting a scene with a man in full S.S. uniform on a busy street.

Police swooped on the street in Nuremberg as Joshua Newton was preparing to shoot a scene for his movie "Iron Cross" which is due to make its debut at next year's Cannes film festival.

The movie stars Hollywood veteran Roy Scheider of "Jaws" fame and is a flashback thriller about a man who returns to Europe to avenge the murders of his family in WW2.

Mr. Newton, who has won awards for his work in the past, makes his mainstream directing debut with the film.

But unfortunately his producers failed to get the necessary permit allowing a man in a banned uniform from being seen in public.

Police held him, a cameraman and a producer for nearly 90 minutes.

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