Molly Pitcher Fought at Battle of Brandywine in Male Disguise, September 11, 1776 says New Mystery Novel

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September 11 marks the 130th anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine, the largest battle of the Revolutionary War when General George Washington had more troops under his command than he ever would have again. Among them may have been Molly Pitcher, America's most famous military woman, says Professor Linda Grant De Pauw, author of In Search of Molly Pitcher (, a mystery story combined with an historical research guide for middle schoolers, which will be published in October.

"Mary Hays McCauley, who is usually considered the real Molly Pitcher, is identified with the Battle of Monmouth, fought in June 1778," says De Pauw."But there is no contemporary evidence to confirm that. Her obituary notices do not mention any military service beyond support for her soldier husband, and the pension she received from the Pennsylvania legislature mentions 'services rendered during the Revolution,' but doesn't specify what those were. There is, however, a newspaper article published when the pension was awarded saying 'She was called Sgt. McCauly and was wounded at some battle, supposed to be the Brandywine, where her sex was discovered.' That means she was disguised as a man."

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