A play on Polish-Russian history policy

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A play called "1612", the result of a cooperation project with Moscow's "Teatr.doc", is currently in rehearsal at the "Ad Spectatores" theatre in Breslau. The play is about the victory of the Russian army over the Polish invaders of Moscow on November 4, 1612 in the midst of the Polish-Russian war (1609-1618). In an interview with Joanna Dekaczew, director Krzysztof Kopka explains that the piece is intended as a response to the Polish and Russian policy on history. "Two years ago, November 4 was established as Russia's official 'Day of National Independence,' but just three years ago no one was aware of the significance of this date. Only historians with a special interest in 17th century history knew the particulars of the expulsion of the Poles from the Kremlin... We want to free ourselves of a twisted history and use our sensibility and ability to empathise to draw a picture of these two societies at war."

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