Bryan Singer’s 'Valkyrie,' slated for 2008 summer release, unfolds the failed assassination attempt against Hitler

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Slated for 2008 summer release, ‘Valkyrie’, a United Artists Entertainment LDC production, will be shot at locations in Germany. The true story is being directed by Bryan Singer (‘The Usual Suspects,’ ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘X-Men’), while Christopher McQuarrie (‘The Usual Suspects,’ ‘The Way of the Gun’) has joined hands with Nathan Alexander for the screenplay.

The studio staged a coup by bagging Tom Cruise to play the lead, Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg, the aristocratic German officer, who, disillusioned with Hitler, led the heroic attempt to bring down the Nazi regime and end the war by planting a bomb in Hitler’s bunker.

One of the most outstanding soldiers of the Reich, Colonel Stauffenberg, severely wounded on the African war front, returned home, and was persuaded to join the German resistance which believed that Germany, under Hitler, was fighting a hopeless war which had brought horrific suffering to its people. Operation ‘Valkyrie’ was the complex plan to assassinate Hitler, form a shadow government and negotiate a respectable peace with the Allies. Originally Col. Stauffenberg was only a part of Operation ‘Valkyrie.’

But circumstances and unexpected developments thrust him into a central, double-edged role. He must now not only lead the coup, but take over power and also kill Hitler.

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